Universal Coach Partition Kit

Universal Coach Partition Kit
Universal Coach Partition Kit
  • Builds all coaches 1937-1970's, PLUS all chair cars, combines, parlor cars, some lounges-non bar, observation, & most commuter car interior wall partitions
  • Non hi-level cars only)
  • With separate lockers, doors-RCL-060-1*STD
  • Kit fits all Eastern Car Works kits, Train Station Core Kits, all Walther's R-T-R 85'-0" Plastic and all Nickel Plate Products, and all other plastic cars and most brass cars.*

  • Partition panels with panel connections including roundhead screw/connector detail, and door frame detail.
  • Partition panels with doors. These panels include door hardware with the doors being designed so that the modeler can cut the doors out and locate them in any positions desired. Restroom partition doors include mirrors, (facing the lounge areas) and door latch type hardware (as actual doors did in these types of installations).
  • Partition panels with built in drinking fountains with cup dispenser.
  • Partitions that are curved.
  • Partition connectors, with same round head screw detail as panel connections as on the panels. (these connect our panels together, when painted the connections blend in together with the panels so that you can't tell where actual connections are).
  • Partition kit floor is designed for car weights and lighting kit wire.
  • Vestibule bulkheads with all detail on both sides, with separate doors, so that different type doors can be modeled. Doors are detailed on both sides, exterior detail and interior detail including kickplates and correct hardware. Kit includes two of one door type with separate laser cut windows. - (Various other types of doors will be available separately with more type coming).
  • Vestibule end detail including all crash beam detail.
  • Safety tread vestibule floor material.
  • Interior floor designed for concealing car weights and lighting wiring under the floor.
  • Cosmetic bulkheads for Modeler's car. (To blend interior kit into Modeler's car)
  • Lockers of different types and configurations, electric and mechanical lockers have grills for venting heat.
  • Conductor's desk material.
  • Ladies' desk material.
  • Privacy curtain material for restrooms or to model any other item that the modeler can think of, such as interior baggage doors, etc.
  • Detailed instructions with assembly details including three ready-to-run and Two core kit/car side combination floor plans. (Eight total number of floor plans provided as based on car Manufacturer and car Lot numbers), PLUS background data on model manufacturer's cars including prototype builders, original car numbers assigned by original owning railroad, etc. The kit is designed to build all streamlined Coaches/Chair cars from 1937 to present except high-level cars. In addition this kit will build Parlor Cars (most types except non bar or lunch counter), Coach/Chair or Parlor (combined with baggage, RPO or both), Commuter Cars, Observation Chair and Parlor Cars.

RCL Interior Partition kits come in many configurations including "Universal" which are not just for one prototype.
Our interior partition kits have a modular design and are engineered to prototype car builders erecting details and assemblies so exact models of the actual interiors can be created. Each type of partition kit is designed to model most of the prototype variations built for that one car type.


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